Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Post Election Real Estate

Real Estate is always a rollercoaster.  Sometimes it is dictated by things within the transaction - buyers needs and wants or sellers needs and wants, mortgage issues, home inspection repairs, appraisal concerns, etc; and sometimes outside issues.  In this case the election of our next President. We have seen many emotions throughout this process on both sides of the table.   But the fact remains NOW is a great time to buy or sell.   In the Mid-South area inventory is still very low so that helps the sellers.   Interest rates after an initial bump have settled back down and 30 year rates are still under 3.75% (check with your mortgage professional).  WOW!   That is an amazing rate.   First time home buyers are learning it is cheaper to purchase a home than to pay rent!   Because the rates are low move up buyers can afford larger homes for their growing families.

The most important first step to staying safe on the 'Rollercoaster of Real Estate' is a good team to make sure everything is prepared properly!

Realtor - Make sure you have a professional realtor who cares about you and can connect you with the rest of the team
Mortgage Originator/Loan Officer - Today more than ever it is so important to have a LOCAL reputable lender.  Because they are part of the community where you are buying they are concerned about their reputation, their word and their repeat business.  
Home Inspector - make sure the person who inspects your home in licensed and can advise you on the true condition.
Closing Attorney or Title Company - their are lots of choices on where to close, but who has the best fees?  Who will work with your schedule or location?
Insurance Agent - So important to find reasonable home owners insurance.  The affects your monthly payment and any future concerns you might have.

So contact your realtor today for a FREE consultation and then you will know if you are truly prepared and ready to step on the 'ride'!  

Michele Johnston
Broker Realtor with Dream Maker Realty
Serving the North Mississippi and Western Tennessee area since 2005